Our future

Servitex is constantly seeking to improve and perfect its customer service.

  • Strengthening our customer relationships.
  • Standardizing the linen range and developing products designed to meet demands for comfort and hygiene, with the highest durability and cost-efficiency.
  • Installing automated garment dispensers in hospitals.
  • Updating our management system.

New Servitex site in Welkenraedt :

SERVITEX expands its activities and completes the installation of a second processing unit in Welkenraedt.

This unit extends our range of customer services by way of an integrated logistics centre.

The new site enables us to implement and fully integrate the very latest technologies to reduce the ecological footprint of our business. Furthermore, this new unit has been designed to provide an optimum ergonomic working environment.

Map of the establishment of Servitex in Welkenraedt

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